Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards

Walnut is our Flagship End Grain Cutting Board. Our original company called "Ozark West", started producing end grain in Walnut back in the 1980's. The dark chocolate wood tone makes your chopped vegetables color pop! If you're carving or serving meat, the Walnut makes your table look like a 5 Star dining experience.

Our Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards were discovered by a producer for FoodNetwork as she shopped for set products for the cooking show "Essence of Emeril". She was at one of our wholesale accounts in New York City when she found the boards. The rich background of the Walnut made the colors of the food "pop", she told me. The popularity of watching a Celebrity Chef cook, started the Foodie movement and the Foodies wanted what the chefs were using. I couldn't make these Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards fast enough. By 2005, our website was in overdrive with orders and the product was going "Viral" from the exposure on FoodNetwork.  Our Walnut boards are the "Original" Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards.  If you desire the "Original", and finest surface to cut on, we'd be proud to have you as our customer!