Celebrity Chefs

When we started in 2002, the previous owner had a relationship with FoodNetwork. The "Foodie" movement was just starting to develop and our company couldn't have timed it any better. Our solid Cherry and Walnut end grain cutting boards were spotted at Dean and DeLuca's in New York, City by a set designer/producer for FoodNetwork. They were "fresh" and very different from the status quo maple cutting boards that were being used. Under the lights of the studios set, the background of the Cherry and Walnut made the food "pop" on TV.

Our company name at the time was Ozark West. That company has since split, but as they say, "the rest is history". Over the past 17 years our cutting boards have collectively appeared on over 14 FoodNetwork and The Cooking Channel cooking shows. The "Foodies" have embraced our products with tremendous support.

(Richard Rose Culinary is grateful that many Celebrity Chefs have used our cutting boards on their sets, but we do not claim or imply any endorsement of product from the Personalities in these images or from "FoodNetwork" or "The Cooking Channel".)