18" x 12" Walnut End Grain

This is our "SIGNATURE" end grain cutting board and has been seen and used on several sets of "Food Network" and "The Cooking Channel" shows! Our walnut boards were chosen by "Food Network" producers because the dark walnut made the food "Pop" under the bright lights used for television. Chefs and "Foodies" choose to cut on end grain cutting boards because of their strength and durability. The end grain will not dull the edge of your knives and will show little to no knife marks. Richard Rose Culinary Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards have silicone feet to keep the board in place and to prevent liquid accumulation under the board.
Optional Addons:
Juice Groove$25.00 Conditioning Cream$15.95

Size: 18" x 12" x 1 3/8" Weight: approximately 8 lbs.

Available in many sizes to fit any size kitchen and need.

Handcrafted in Door County, WI. USA. 

Design, color and size will vary slightly as each piece of wood is different and each board is handcrafted.

Don't forget Richard Rose Culinary Wood Conditioning Cream to keep your board looking great!

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